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Main Processing Plant

Fish processing is highly technical and labor intensive procedure. The processing plant is equipped with the latest processing machines and qualified labor. The processing units are temperature controlled to keep the fish fresh as well as help the labor to do their job hygienically and effectively. From the time of arrival of catch to the last finishing procedure, the whole process is closely monitored keeping the hygiene and safety as the overriding principle and part of SOP. Once catch reaches the processing unit, it is sent to quality control department. After Inspection, washing and grading, this fish is quickly frozen at -40C at our state of the art contact and blast freezers. The finished product is packed and stored at -18C. The processing method is tedious job and varies on the category.

  • Equipments
  • Work Environment
  • Proficient Management
  • Skilled Labors

Tonya Douglas

Tonya Douglas

Tonya Douglas

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